Many talented musicians have come though the Turtleshell doors. It's been a pleasure to meet them and help them create their musical vision. The songs below are samples from artists that have done some or all their work at Turtleshell Studio. We are lucky to have had such a great diversity of talent and styles play their music in the studio.

Malcolm MacDonald (2015) web

Here's a man with pop sensibility. A great songwriter too.

DISMAJ (2015) web

Surf music, baltic music, metal, rock and rap influce this band to create crazy rhythms and lyrics.

Ride along with DISMAJ for some Zebra Couch Playtime.

DemonihiL (2014) web

Aggressive metal full of mad riffs and rhythms. The musicianship, songwriting and execution is a level above.

DemonihiL's existence on earth is purely to make you head-bang [explative]!!!!!!!

The Rozell Carraro Outfit (2013) web

Homegrown folk rock,

This album contains a great collection of songs that tell stories of tribulation and triumph.

Royal Creatures (2013) web

Powerful driving punk with class.

For this EP all the instruments and vocals were tracked at Turtleshell Studio.

The Ragged Bankers (2012) video web

Heartfelt roots songs that tell stories by framing snapshots of life to music.

This album was crafted over the span of a year with all the instruments and vocals track at Turtleshell Studio.

Well Charged (2012) video web

Roots reggae and everything in between. Winston George "King" Cole heads up this group of rag-tag musicians creating the force that is Well Charged.

The Nasties (2012) video web

They're pretty punk for a bunch of Guelph guys.

Only the drums were tracked at the studio but we like these guys :)

The Baudelaires (2011) video web

Inspired by the sounds of late sixties reggae producer Leslie Kong (Toots and the Maytals, Jimmy Cliff, Desmond Dekker, The Wailers), the Baudelaires like some soul with their reggae.

Most of the rhythm was recorded live off the floor with a few redos for the keys and guitar to hone in their tone. It took a few sessions with the vocals afterward but you can hear how the accompanying vocals add to the dynamics of the music.

Angela Saini (2011) video web

Angela's personality really sparkles in her songs. Plus she's great fun!

The studio was still partly under construction and only the drums and bass were tracked at the studio.