The Grounds

Turtleshell Studio is situated on 35 acres of farmland, located at the cross-roads of Breslau, Guelph and Cambridge. The serene atmosphere and crisp, clean country air makes the studio an ideal and unique destination to work in.

Main Room

The studio consists of 4 rooms. The main recording area is a large room, 24 x 24 foot square. The room also boasts a 17 foot vaulted cedar wood ceiling. Primarily, we use the former barn as a recording and live performance space. However, with an easy transition, the room quickly can become a rehearsal area or a photo/video set. It is fantastic room for recording almost anything, but it has been a favourite for drums and acoustic intruments as it brings that sense of space to the recordings.

Control Room

The control room is the hub of the studio. It's a fair size room allowing up to a dozen people sit comfortably and listen to playback. The outer walls of the room are angled out 35 degrees, with sound specific insulation throughout, making the acoustics of the room ideal for hearing back the best quality of sound possible.

Isolation Room

The third room is the isolation room also called the vocal booth. It sits in the the direct center of the studio with no outside walls. The room has no parallel walls. It has heavy insulation, sound foaming and double pained glass on the windows and door keep sounds from entering or escaping the room. The windows allow an interactive visual experience with both the main room as well as the control room, while keeping the vocal sounds isolated on their own. This is ideal for live recordings. Though the booth is not that large, it can fit a full 5 piece drum kit.


Finally, the fourth room is a dedicated lounge/green room area for you to relax or prepare for your performance. Coffee and tea are available as well as a small fridge, water cooler and microwave. The room is comfortable, bright and quiet. the space is ideal for preparing, changing, or for taking some time away from a project. Yes.. it is also painted green!

Technical Setup & Gear

For more technical information about our gear please visit our GEAR PAGE.

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